An Introduction to Online Casino Games

The word 'casino' is an Italian word meaning a villa, a pavilion or a summerhouse which is meant for entertainment activities, mostly gambling. When this word was coined, gambling was an activity which needed a venue for being carried out and little did anyone realize that a time would come when the same activity would be available on the virtual medium through the internet. Nowadays, the online casino is more sought after as compared to the land casino due to its numerous advantages and most of the online casinos frequently use gambling software packages which include real-time gaming, micro-gaming, play-tech and other gambling activities.

Some of the well known online casino games are listed as follows:

  • The online slots are the types of online casino games which are based on three or more spinning reels. The main objective of the game is to line up three or more of the most valuable symbols on these reels in a line which are referred to as the pay-lines. When the three symbols are lined up, the payout is made in accordance with the slot which is being played and can sometimes be enormous. Among all the online casino games, the slot machines are supposed to be the most diverse and colorful and are therefore the most popular as well.
  • 'Craps' is one of the most exciting table games among those offered by the online casinos and is one of the rare games which are played with dice. Although Craps may appear to be quite intimidating and complex at first, it eventually turns out to be quite enjoyable and rewarding and this is the reason as to why it is considered to be one of the truly social games in an online casino.

  • The roulette is one of the oldest of the casino games and has maintained its unchallenged popularity in case of the online version of the activity as well. This game features a roulette wheel which is mounted horizontally on the table and has numbers marked on it from 0 to 36. The bets are placed on any particular number, any four adjacent numbers a column of numbers or a dozen numbers at any given point of time.

  • The online blackjack, also known as twenty-one, entails the application of different skills and strategies by the player every time that the game is played.

  • The online poker games are card games which are based on betting rules and hand rankings. These games are also available in form of a poker room software package in which the players can participate in a live competition and try their luck.

  • The baccarat, which was referred to as 'Punto Banco' when it was played in France in the 15th century, features two hands namely the player and the banker. The player has three choices for betting namely the player, the banker and a third bet which is referred to as the 'tie bet'.

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